2006-04-09 - press release - CPN-M२०६२-१२-२७ - प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-21068 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-21068

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
Central Committee

Press statement

1. The general political strike, declared from April 6 to April 9, 2006, in accordance with the understanding reached between CPN (Maoist) and seven political parties, shattering the medieval repression, prohibition order and curfew of the feudal autocratic royal power, has been historically successful with outstanding participation of the masses of all ranks and sects all across the country including capital. Declaring martyrs to those entire fighters, who have sacrificed their lives in the course of peaceful and armed resistance against royal fascism to succeed this general political strike, our party pays emotional homage to them. Wishing for rapid gain in health of injured people and quick release of prisoners, our party, offering heartfelt thanks to the entire political parties and broad masses in and outside of the country who, by defying repression, prohibition order and curfew of royal power to succeed this general political strike, had helped, supported and participated to succeed mass demonstration, appeals for constant help also in the days to come.

2. Today, the masses of entire classes, nationalities, regions and sex in the country have energetically risen up to emancipate forever from the feudal autocratic monarchy. The whole country has been united against the autocracy to realize aspiration of democracy and peace through the constituent assembly. In this decisive and sensitive moment of the history, our party, properly maintaining coordination and understanding with seven political parties and civil societies with the deep sense of responsibility and conviction towards immediate historic necessity of establishing democratic republic through constituent assembly is going ahead and is determined to do so. In this context, strongly supporting the decisions of seven political parties to continue with the general political strike advancing successfully towards rise all across the country till the autocratic monarchy has been brought to an end, our party declares the general political strike as our own program also. In order to succeed this, our party has decided to conduct concrete programs as follows.

3. Along with aforesaid programs, mass mobilizations, meetings and demonstrations will be organized in local levels, jointly with seven political parties and civil societies as far as possible, and independently as required. Different mass organizations too will carry forward programs jointly and independently.

4. Time for an end to the feudal autocratic monarchy and establishment of republic through constituent assembly has come closer. Our party again strongly appeals the pro-people forces in and outside of the country to make this program a success while remaining cautious against all kinds of conspiracies and detrimental compromise that can happen at this last stage.

Date: April 9, 2006

Baburam Bhattarai
Broad National Political Convention Organizing Committee
United Revolutionary People's Council

C.P.N. (Maoist)
Supreme Commander, PLA, Nepal