2006-02-13 - press release - CPN-M२०६२-११-०१ - प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-20087 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-20087

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
Central Committee
Press Release

Representing a new era of rebellion against the exploitation and oppression of feudalism and imperialism for the emancipation of Nepal and Nepalese people, the people’s war initiated under the leadership of the CPN (Maoist), the glorious representative of Nepalese proletariat, after completing its ten years, has entered into the eleventh one on February 13, today. This people’s uprising of one decade has not only unfolded multi-dimensional and far-reaching impact but also has provided a new momentum of study, debate and inspiration for the masses fighting against the exploitation, oppression, intervention and terror of the globalized imperialism, mainly the US imperialism. This great people’s war that has been playing a decisive role in the process of organizing the Nepalese society in a republican mode by completely destroying feudalism, about 250 years old, is significantly contributing to creating a new wave of the world revolution by ideologically developing MLM in the twenty-first century. Definitely, this great journey of ten years is advancing, not in a straight line like the entire revolutions of the world history, but going across turns, twisters and catastrophes, today, thousands of best sons and daughters of the Nepalese people have sacrificed their lives to raise our party up to this height of a decisive political force in Nepal and people’s war as a source of inspiration for the laboring masses all over the world, thousands are irrigating this process by becoming wounded and handicapped, and thousands of fighters and lakhs of the masses are confronting terrible condition of untold torture, deadly custody and disappearance. In this historic moment, when the people’s war, completing its ten years, has ascended to an unequaled height, first of all, on behalf of the central committee, offering red salute, I would like to pay emotional homage to the entire great and immortal martyrs of the people’s war, the main claimants of this historic contribution. In this occasion, extending revolutionary greetings to the entire wounded and disabled of the people’s war, I would like to wish for quick recovery in health and enduring participation and progress in their journey for revolution. In addition, I wish for quick release, along with revolutionary greetings, to the entire fighters who by facing enemy’s jail, nail and torture have been blazing the fire of revolution. In this historic day of the Eleventh Anniversary, our party, along with heartily greetings, expresses militant solidarity with the entire pro-people institutions, organizations and the broad masses that have raised voice in support of emancipation, in and outside of the country.

Today, the Nepalese society is advancing ahead towards the last juncture of its transition to republic from the absolute feudalism. A tiny coterie of moribund feudal elites is exhibiting its last stupidity of unleashing the reign of terror with the force of its traditional military gang upon the 25 million Nepalese people and the world opinion. In order for building an environment, in which the aspiration of democracy and peace of the Nepalese people could be fulfilled peacefully without a big loss of lives and property, our party, in the dawn of the eleventh anniversary of the people’s war, had declared a unilateral ceasefire and had even built up, during this period, a 12-point understanding with the major parliamentarian political parties of the country. On the contrary, the criminal gang of feudal elites, who do not share even a slight of responsibility towards the country and people, not only mistrusted it but continued making it a matter of laugh and shame for the civilized people in the twenty-first century by imprisoning thousands of democracy-loving people and staging a drama of election within the army camps. The insanity of Gyanendra Shahi, who oddly underrated the living reality, in which the wave of people’s higher level of military and peaceful resistance was going on, as isolated events, has surprised the world opinion. How a tiny clique of feudal and its traditional hoodlum, the "Royal Army" has been able to sustain despite of all-round opposition of the people in and outside of the country? The question is very serious and notable. Based on the experiences of history and the present course of events, our party has concluded that, despite of crocodile tears, the US imperialism, the ringleader of world imperialism, has its hand in helping sustain the military terror of feudal murderers. These feudal murderers are carrying out stupid crimes of this kind against the aspiration of democracy and peace of the Nepalese people by means of the patronage and encouragement of the military commanders of the Bush clique of the US ruling class that in the name of war against terrorism has been erecting a reign of terror upon the world masses. Taking advantage of the geo-political situation of Nepal, the imperialist interest and conspiracy of grabbing a hold over billions of people of China, India and South Asia, is working from behind this kind of patronage and encouragement. The instruction that the so-called commander of the Asia Pacific command of the US army, coming to Nepal, had provided to Gyanendra Shahi to strengthen the so-called Ranger Force (Commando) against the Nepalese people clarifies this fact further. Grasping this reality seriously, our party has been labeling the "royal" army as the US army since some years before. We would like to make a whole-hearted and special appeal, in this historic occasion, to the pro-people forces in Nepal, China, India, South Asia and the world to further necessary initiative in support of democracy and peace by paying serious attention to the grave consequence behind this.

In spite of the aforesaid situation, our party believes that none will now be able to prevent the success of the democratic movement of Nepalese people, who are conscious to their democratic right. The hidden support of the US military commander at the moment, when a great campaign of the Nepalese people for establishing competitive democracy that aims at institutionalizing the right of all the masses of oppressed class, nationality, region and sex by holding constituent assembly election and reorganizing the state power, which has already gained support from the world opinion and international community, will not be able to help survive the Gyanendra Shahi clique. It is definite that the upcoming thrust of the Nepalese people will lead the feudalism to an end and a new chapter of democracy, peace and progress in Nepal will begin. Therefore, our party forcefully appeals the 7 political parties, civil society, and the entire intelligentsia to come forward with no delay to bring in a common slogan, a common front and a common program in this decisive and sensitive moment of the history. That kind of slogan, front and program will prepare for a model of the people's parallel government against military terror of the absolute feudal elements. We believe that this kind of people's government will gain international support and help from the entire pro-democracy and pro-people forces. What we do believe is that this kind of common slogan, front, program and declaration of the government will completely obliterate Gyanendra Shahi and its tiny feudal coterie, and Nepal will go ahead towards the direction of peace and prosperity with a republican state structure. The reality that we are prepared to be flexible, as it necessitates, for the fulfillment of this goal has already been made clear before and, in this occasion, we would like to clarify that conviction further. We also believe that right after a concrete process of this kind advances, the reorganization of military force in Nepal will not become a difficult and complex issue.

Finally, I would like to appeal to all class, nationality, region, sex, and especially the youths associated with all the political parties, to institutionalize forever the aspiration of democracy, peace and progress of the Nepalese people by grasping the reality that no absolute feudalism will be destroyed without correct fusion of peaceful and military resistance. Only a new army of democracy and peace, with youth thunder, will ascertain the progress of new Nepal.

February 13, 2006
C.P.N. (Maoist)