2006-02-01 - press release - CPN-M२०६२-१०-१९ - प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-20068 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-20068

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
Central Committee
Press Release

Raising to a new height the people’s resistance movement on the very day when adventure of Gyanendra Shahi, who has let loose feudal sword of medieval tyranny against the Nepalese people’s aspiration of democracy, peace and progress had completed one year, the western command of the PLA has carried out a successful and courageous attack in Tansen, the district headquarters of Palpa. In the course of that fighting, dozens of police and military personnel have been killed and dozens of policemen captured after surrender have been released, while some of the soldiers of royal army and police, including the chief district officer are, even now, kept unharmed under the control of the PLA. Following the attack, PLA has secured a huge amount of modern weapons and other ammunition in its possession.

The military actions going on all across the country, including this one, have proved the proclamation of fugitive yester-Panshas, who, by presuming our responsible initiatives -- the four-month long ceasefire and 12-point understanding with seven political parties our party had asserted to ease the environment for the forward-looking political way out and peace -- as a weakness, had said us "backbone broken", to be a mere stupid clamor. The centralized and successful attack carried out at Tansen not only proved Gyanendra Shahi’s so-called address, prepared beforehand to recall Feb 1, to be a fake and leftover argument but also a comedy with no rhythm. On behalf of the central headquarters, I would like to heartily congratulate the participant PLA commanders and fighters, who correctly and successfully attacked in an appropriate time, and other comrades and the broad masses, who played necessary role for its success. Furthermore, paying emotional homage along with revolutionary greetings to the comrades martyred in the course of attack, the central headquarters expresses well wishes for the rapid health recovery of comrades injured in the battle.

Even when the seven political parties, the entire country, including our party and the international opinion too, have agitated for and agreed upon going ahead along the lines of the verdict of the Nepalese people through the constituent assembly to resolve the conflict, a tiny clique of Gyanendra Shahi and feudal elites is idiotically adventuring to impose absolute rule with the force of army, gun, murder and terror upon the conscious masses of the people in the 21st century. The obstinacy and shamelessness of the Nepalese feudal, who do not feel disgraced even when they have been naked by means of the so-called municipality election exhibited to legitimize its autocracy becoming "The Emperor’s New Cloth", has become an eighth surprise for the world.

In this situation, our party heartily appeals yet again to the entire pro-people democratic forces, including seven political parties, for a powerful front in order to raise the resistance movement to another new height. It is a historically proved fact that the feudal autocratic elements do not want to relinquish even a little bit of power to the people with their mercy until they are disposed of forcefully. It is sure that sooner and broader the resistance is made, faster the democracy will be achieved and lesser will be the loss of lives and property of the Nepalese people. Also, our party especially appeals the entire personnel of the royal army and police to create a new history by standing in favour of the democratic aspiration of the Nepalese people through a rebellion against the obstinate and shameless feudal elites. It will be a big historical sense of responsibility to grasp that one can ensure the protection and progress of Nepal and Nepalese people only by uniting the PLA and the soldiers of royal army. Furthermore, our party especially appeals the entire civil servants to provide help for the movement of building a new democratic Nepal by way of total boycott and non-cooperation to the electoral drama and other activities of the absolute feudal elements that have defamed Nepal in the world. We also would like to request the honest patriotic and democracy-loving civil servants of today to remain assured on the fact that they will become the civil servants in the upcoming democratic Nepal too.

We also would like to clarify here that our military resistance against the autocracy would go ahead more intensively and widely in the days to come.

February 01, 2006

CPN (Maoist)