2006-01-02 - press release - CPN-M२०६२-०९-१८ - प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-20021 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-20021

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
Central Committee

Press statement

The period of one month's ceasefire extended after three months, on the behalf of our party, has also been over. Our party would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to the entire pro-democracy and pro-peace forces who have welcomed and supported the ceasefire, in and outside of the country, for it has taken up a responsible initiative for a peaceful and forward-looking political way out for the civil war with the conviction of multiparty democracy. In the meantime, a 12-point understanding between our party and seven parliamentarian political parties, for a movement of democracy and peace, has been achieved and the people have ratified this. Amid this, our party has carried out very positive interaction on our understanding and conviction towards democracy and peace with different international institutions, organizations and forces including the UNO and a number of understandings have been built around it.

As a result of the aforesaid new situation, extensive requests had been made from in and outside of the country to the feudal autocratic royal power to return back to democracy and peace with a positive response to the ceasefire. But, the royal state, exhibiting terrible feudal obstinacy and totalitarianism, remained stuck in persevering with military terror against the country and people. The royal army that had been killing unarmed cadres in its custody in the different places of the country including Palpa and Morang during the first three months killed, at the last phase, up to comrade Kim Bahadur Thapa (Sunil), a popular leader of our party by an air attack. In the later one-month period, the so-called royal army, exhibiting more fascist character, at the last, going through Nagarkot massacre, has been adventuring to maintain a reign of terror against the people in the name of military operation in Rolpa, and barbarous acts like looting of people's shops and blazing houses are being carried on. In the same manner, the royal army has already come forward with a strategy of carrying out land and air attack by encircling the detachments of our People's Liberation Army, which has been in a defensive situation all across the country now.

This ground reality clarifies our obligation that we have to go into offensive, by calling off ceasefire, not only for people's democracy and peace against the feudal autocracy but also for the self-defense of the People's Liberation Army. We deeply understand and honour the appeal made by the institutions including the UNO and EU to extend the ceasefire. Likewise, we also understand and admire the request made by peace-loving institutions within the country and Nepali Congress (Democratic), one of the constituents of agitating seven political parties, in the context of its convention, to extend the ceasefire. But, in the backdrop of aforesaid fascistic new activities of the royal army, we request to take seriously the reality that it has been not only impossible for us to extend, despite our wish, the ceasefire but also is going to become suicidal to do so and appeal to all to raise voice forcefully against this situation. With this appeal, we declare that the ceasefire of our party has been called off.

What we want to clarify here is that our forthcoming military actions will be targeted against the autocratic royal power only. For an immediate sense, our military actions will be targeted upon the royal army and its hired informers that are going to stage a drama of so-called municipality election aimed at covering up their autocracy. Also we want here to repeat our conviction that we will assist as far as possible the peaceful movement of seven political parties and contribute to advancing forward the 12-point understanding to our capacity. Here we want also to clarify that if the process of making the people sovereign through the election of interim government and constituent assembly by means of a broad national political convention or round table conference is ascertained, our party will remain prepared to contribute for a peaceful political way out by calling off ceasefire at any point. But, if the terrorist acts of the autocratic feudal elements like Gyanendra-Paras and their military gang that had brought the last negotiation to a break by means of the Dorambha massacre and call off of the present ceasefire by Rolpa operation continue we would like to repeat our determination to continue fighting till the end in favor of Nepal and Nepalese people. In the present context when, Nepalese people's emancipation has been seen impossible without raising guns against those of feudal autocracy, there is no other alternative than creating a storm of peaceful and armed movement. Therefore, our party strongly appeals the broad masses to unite with the goal of wiping out forever the feudal autocratic monarchy for the sake of democracy, peace and progress. Right to rebel against the feudal atrocity is the biggest human right of the Nepalese people at present. Hence, we appeal the UNO, international community and the world masses to honour and support this right.

January 02, 2006
CPN (Maoist)