2005-11-30 - press release - CPN-M२०६२-०८-१५ - प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-19997 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-19997

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
Central Committee
Press Statement

Our whole Party, People’s Liberation Army and masses of the people have been shocked by the news of martyrdom of comrade Kim Bahadur Thapa (Sunil), the ex-member of our CC, division commander of the PLA and a popular leader of Rolpa, caused by blind firing from helicopters of the so-called royal army upon the cadres of PLA, who were taking political training on the new decisions of Party centre, the agreement reached with political parties and the ceasefire, at Jinabang in Rolpa, bordering Salyan, at 5 PM in the evening yesterday. In addition to comrade Kim Bahadur Thapa, Comrade Nirmam, another promising youth from Salyan and a battalion vice-commander of the PLA, has also been martyred from that blind firing. The royal killers, who were forced to flee away from Gurassay, Salyan facing PLA’s resistance in the afternoon, had carried out that severe crime in the evening at Rolpa. Our party, condemning this cowardice crime of Gyanendra Shahi and his goons with hatred and wrath, and declaring them great martyrs, who sacrificed their lives to materialize the aspiration of democracy and peace of the Nepalese people, pays emotional homage to them. Along with this, our party expresses heartfelt condolence to their bereaved family members.

The feudal autocratic elements are stepping up provocative activities of killing, disappearing and terrorizing the unarmed cadres to disrupt the three-months ceasefire our party had declared in favour of democracy and peace, like they had, by designing Dorambha Massacre during the last negotiation, played a role to disrupt dialogue. In the particular context of today, when the period of ceasefire is going to end and we are inclined to extend it further, when an agreement has been reached among political parties towards the direction of democracy and peace and when our party is very seriously and flexibly enhancing interaction with different international organizations, institutions and forces, the autocratic feudal elements are intensifying military terror all across the country. The murder of comrade Kim Bahadur Thapa and comrade Nirmam is the latest link of this terror. These incidents have further clarified the fact that the feudal palace and its backers are not in favour of democratic way out and peace but are in favour of idiotic adventure to defend their autocracy by slaughtering the Nepalese people.

At this moment of anguish, our party would like repeat its determination to going forward more firmly and responsibly in order to fulfil the aspiration of democracy and peace of the Nepalese people. Our great party will never deviate from its historical duty by such provocative activities of the feudal murderers. At this sensitive moment of Nepalese history, our party appeals all the political parties, civil societies, intelligentsias and the broad masses to create a storm of united movement in order to change Nepal into a democratic, peaceful and prosperous country by wiping out the medieval feudal autocracy forever. A handful of feudal murderers will never be able to stop people’s historical initiative and the fall of autocracy and people’s victory is definite. Our party, in this occasion, heartily appeals the pro-people political forces, organizations, institutions and justice-loving masses the world over to raise voice and line with Nepalese people more broadly by divorcing relation of all kinds with the autocratic feudal old state, which has become a scourge against the aspiration of democracy and peace of the Nepalese people. Nepal is at the threshold of democratic republic. No dictators will be able to stop its victory.

Date: November 30, 2005

C.P.N. (Maoist)