2005-09-03 - press release - CPN-M२०६२-०५-१८ - प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-21065 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-21065

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
Central Committee

Press release

Nepal, in her history, is in a very difficult and complex turning point today. The autocratic step of February 1, 2005 has pushed the country, which has been seeking a forward-looking democratic political way out, into a further dreadful vortex of crisis. Our party has strong belief that no solution to the prevailing crisis in Nepal is possible until the sovereign right of the masses that provides verdict to their fate and future is ascertained. Because of this belief, we have been putting forward the election of constituent assembly as a minimum democratic base and means for the political way out. It is known to all that we have taken up the democratic republic that can address the problems related to class, nationality, region and gender also as an immediate solution to the problem.

After the Narayanhiti massacre, in general, and February 1, in particular, our party has been appealing the parliamentary parties and civil societies for broad cooperation and a front against the feudal autocracy. In the later period, our party’s positive interaction with seven struggling political parties and civil societies is going ahead. We are assuming that the recent decisions that the main parliamentary party UML took on the constituent assembly and the Convention of the Nepali Congress took to drop constitutional monarchy from their party constitution have further strengthened the political footing for such co-operation. But, the parliamentary party leaders have to work more to convince the masses that they will not fall prey to the sugar-coated bullets of the feudal palace like in the past. In this context, we make an especial appeal to the seven political parties to unwaveringly come forward to the election of interim government and constituent assembly by grasping the reality that the slogan of reinstatement of parliament cannot address the prevailing problems facing the country and that only provides loopholes for the feudal palace to conspire.

Our party desires to establish the Nepalese people of the 21st century not as those like tenant or subject of a certain feudal ‘lord’ and agents of any foreign power-centre but as self-respecting people enjoying sovereign right. Because of our sense of responsibility and determination towards Nepalese people’s basic interest and wish for peace we have been emphasizing on the question of election of interim government and constituent assembly since the past four years. We have been forced to resist militarily only because the royal army generals and their leader the feudal king, being cruel to the Nepalese people, have adventured to impose military fascism.

Our party knows well that the Nepalese people wish for a living peace with democratic political way out not the dead-peace that surrenders before the medieval feudalism. We are also clear on the fact that all from the UNO to the main neighbour and the entire international community are showing concern on the present situation in Nepal from their own angle and are presenting their own kind of solution to the problem. Also we are not unaware on the question that there has, from our several activities of resistance against the feudal military dictatorship, been some doubt on our political conviction. To do away with such doubt and create an environment of confidence for a forward-looking political way out we have also been taking initiative to our best.

In this overall situation, the main responsibility of providing a correct political way out to Nepal and Nepalese people lies with the political forces of Nepal. There is no situation in which one can think that there has been or will be no conspiracy of bringing her existence to an end by declaring Nepal a failed State. Therefore, with a deep sense of responsibility towards the democratic political way out and aspiration of peace of the Nepalese people and with an aim of doing away with doubts remaining in some circles about our movement, our party declares a unilateral cease-fire for three months to be effective from the date it has been publicised. During that period, the People’s Liberation Army under our leadership will stay at the state active defence in which it will resist only when the enemy attacks. The People’s Liberation Army will not carry out any offensive action on its own.

We hope and believe that this declaration of ours will inspire the entire forces that desire for peace with a forward-looking political way out in Nepal to take new initiative, in and outside of the country. We are also hopeful that a positive environment will be built to solve the problem from the political forces inside the country to the UNO.

Also we would like to clarify here that if the royal government, by underrating our sense of responsibility towards the country, people and the political way out as a weakness, engages in increasing military activity and expanding military camps, we, by calling off ceasefire at any point, will escalate attacks from a new height.

September 3, 2005

C.P.N. (Maoist)