2005-09-01 - press release - CPN-M२०६२-०५-१६ - प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-21066 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-21066

Press statement:

Condemn the fascist attack of feudal tyrant Gyanendra upon the Revolutionary People of Nepal !
Condemn the fascist attack of Indian ruling classes on the revolutionary leaders & masses of India.

A semi-colonial and semi-feudal Nepal, which was hardly known 10 years before by its name and geographical location in the globe, has now become a focal point of keen attention the world over. On the one hand, the establishment of people’s power all across the vast countryside of Nepal by way of the people’s war, waged under the leadership of CPN (Maoist) for the last ten years, and one year of strategic offensive in particular, has become a source of inspiration for the oppressed all over the world and, on the other, it has become a deadly ideological and political threat for imperialism, particularly the US imperialism and its puppet regimes, including India.

Gyanendra Shahi, a hated smuggler and the ringleader of the palace massacre, by usurping absolute power through a coup on February 1, 2005, is not only massacring the revolutionary masses across the country but also repressing brutally the parliamentary political parties, journalists, civil societies, students, human rights activists and intelligentsia who raise their voice against the royal military fascism. US imperialism, the main enemy of the oppressed people all over the world, and Indian expansionism are trying to prop up their puppet Gyanendra and his royal mercenary gangsters by providing arms, ammunition, logistics and money in different pretexts.

In India, the reactionary expansionist ruling classes have stepped up their countrywide coordinated campaign of brutal suppression of the people’s war led by the CPI(Maoist) ever since the merger of the MCCI and CPI(ML)[PW] in September last. They are propagating continuously about the “grave danger” posed by the long Red Corridor of armed struggle stretching from the Base Areas in Nepal up to the guerrilla zones of Andhra Pradesh or the so-called Compact Revolutionary Zone. They have initiated a phenomenal increase in the central repressive forces to tackle the Naxalites, undertaken massive modernization and special training of the forces, and are using helicopters where necessary, along with a package of so-called reforms to wean away the masses from the fold of the Maoists. The democratic voice of the people is suppressed and the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Indian Constitution are trampled underfoot in the vast areas of armed struggle and nationality movements. The ruling classes have also stepped up the attacks against every form of democratic struggle and anti-imperialist movements.

In this situation, we the undersigned two Maoist parties solemnly appeal to the entire oppressed masses, the world over, and Nepal and India in particular, to raise voice against every evil design of imperialism and expansionism to repress the revolutionary cause of the oppressed people in Nepal & India. And we pledge to fight unitedly till the entire conspiracies hatched by the imperialists and reactionaries are crushed and the people’s cause of Socialism and Communism are established in Nepal, India and all over the world.

Condemn the massacre of the Maoist revolutionaries by the fascist Turkish state! Support the ongoing people’s war in Turkey!!

We are very much distressed by the news that the fascist Turkish regime, the lackey of the US imperialism, massacred 17 Maoist revolutionaries, including the general secretary, comrade Cafer Cangöz, of the Maoist Communist Party [Turkey-North Kurdistan] (MKP), in Mercan in the Dersim region of Turkey, on the 16/17 of June 2005. We condemn this contemptible act of cold-blooded murder in which the people’s great leaders and fighters sacrificed their lives for the cause of new democratic revolution, socialism and communism, in Turkey, as part of the world proletarian revolution.

However challenging the task may be the firm grasp of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and its creative application can defeat the class enemies and the system that nurtures them, imperialism. At this painful moment, we appeal to the revolutionary masses of the people in Turkey and the relatives of those martyrs to transform this distress and grief into revolutionary wrath against the class enemies and their master, imperialism led by the US imperialism, and to unite under the banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, firmly held by the Maoist Communist Party [Turkey-North Kurdistan] (MKP). In this period of grief and distress, we firmly pledge to extend our support in all ways to the MKP and the revolutionary people it is leading in order to accomplish the unfinished task, the martyred heroes have left upon the shoulder of our class, internationally.

Date: September 01, 2005

Central Committee
Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

General Secretary
Central Committee
Communist party of India (Maoist)