2005-04-11 - press release - Govt of Nepal२०६१-१२-२९ - प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - नेपाल सरकार

Archive ref no: NCA-21089 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-21089

Press Release

His Majesty’s Government (HMG) has concluded an arrangement with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to enhance technical assistance for the protection and promotion as well as observance of human rights, including through monitoring of human rights by establishing an OHCHR Office in Nepal, without undermining the national institutions and laws.

The arrangement represents yet another concrete step of HMG to engage itself constructively with the international community and also with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, like with the UN and its various offices including UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP and several others.

The objectives of the Office will be to function as a centre for consultation while maintaining contact and coordination with HMG. The Office will also advise on the formulation and implementation of policies and programmes and measures for the promotion and protection of human rights in Nepal, including through the strengthening of national institutions and monitoring of observance of human rights and international humanitarian law.

The Office will also advise and assist the National Human Rights Commission in the discharge of its statutory mandate as per the Human Rights Act of 1997, and the commitments of HMG of 26 March 2004.

The Office headquarters will be located in Kathmandu. The arrangement will remain valid for two years, extendable through mutual consent.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
His Majesty’s Government

11 April 2005