2004-10-15 - press release - CPN-M२०६१-०६-२९ - प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-18931 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-18931

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
Central Committee

Press statement

It is crystal clear that the domestic reactionary state, that has been preserved and guided by the imperialist and expansionists since centuries has been imposing unjust war in various ways against the people's interest of peace, liberation and revolution for the safeguard of its interest of exploitation and operation. It is also clear that we have been leading a just war in favor of the interest of the Nepalese people for last nine years to end such unjust war imposed by the state. The status of the old state, that has been parroting one point agenda of peace and negotiation, has been more clear by not being able even to answer our six-point questions put forward by us to remove existing serious doubts and suspicion, let alone making the Nepalese people sovereign and powerful. The fact that the regime has been constantly increasing the weapons and ammunitions from the imperialist the expansionist countries and that it has been intensifying the killing and terrorizing the people in the name of fake encounters only proved that under the cover of mongering hullabaloo of peace and negotiation it has been engaged in vicious war.

In the mean time, respecting the request and spirit of various human right organization, institutions and personalities, civil society, as well as broad masses of people, on the occasion of the traditional festival Dashain, our Party declares suspension of all offensive military actions from 20 October to 28 October on behalf of us. We circulate this directive to all the rank and file of the Party, People’s Liberation Army, and all the mass organizations to help the masses of people as usual by suspending offensive military actions and by remain alert against any possible conspiracy and actions of the regime, which always conceives nothing but treachery, conspiracy, dishonesty and humbug against the people.

CPN (Maoist)

15 October 2004