2004-03-16 - press release - CPN-M२०६०-१२-०३ - प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-20981 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-20981

Appeal of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) is a responsible Party, which by standing at the forefront, has been leading the People’s War in order to establish real democracy, respecting the sovereignty of the people – the right to rebel against class, national, regional and gender exploitation and oppressions of the old feudal state. While we raised the voices for nationality, livelihood and democracy which are related to the immediate concern of the people, through legal and peaceful struggle, the old state had unleashed a callous campaign of murdering the unarmed people, setting fire on the houses, looting and extorting, raping women beating and torturing including unleashing so-called Romio-operation. In that context, people had no options but to rebel for their security and liberation from the oppression of the feudal state. It is evident that no true humanitarians and democrats of the world deny the right to rebel of the people. In a form of centralised expression of that historic right to rebel of the people the initiation and development of the People’s War has been advancing under the leadership of our Party.

Because of the bold leadership of the Party with clear ideological, political and military strategy and tactic for the republic of the people, the People’s War has developed in a rapid motion. The fact that the broad masses of all countryside and the broad area of the country have been galvanised around the Party within the period of eight years has not been concealed from anybody. Now, the old feudal state has demonstrated its existence in the capital and district headquarters converting them to the military barracks only on the backing of the foreign power-centres, mainly on the backing of the military and financial support of the United States of America.

Our Party has been committed to the fundamental norms of human-right and Geneva Convention since the historic initiation of the People’s War. Anyone who without prejudicially judges the facts of eight years can find that our People’s Liberation Army has been providing a respectful behaviour, treatment to the injured and release in good conditions of the prisoners of war who have been arrested from the army and police of the enemy combatant. Our Party has a clear policy and practice not to conduct any discrimination against any people based on ideological, political, religious and cultural commitment, as well as based on nationality, race and political – grouping except to those who are directly involved in the direct crime against the masses of the people. We have been practicing the process of rectifying the short of weaknesses with publicly self-criticism that sometimes happen in the process of war.

Anyone who has been witnessing the civil war of eight years in the close can easily observe the facts that the old feudal state through its military force having taken in its detention has been disappearing thousands of unarmed political cadres and general masses of people, setting fire on the houses and huts of the people in the country sides, has been killing thousands of innocent people propagating false confrontations, has been campaigning biting and torturing against thousands of people, has been raping thousands of women in the villages, and has been killing hundreds of women after rape.

To state before the international community to be committed to the human-right by the old state which has been leading such middle-aged atrocity is, in essence, a feudalistic stupidity and conspiracy to hide its crimes. We admit that it is our responsibility to appeal to all not to fall under confusion of this feudalistic stupidity.

It is obvious that in the period of eight years our Party has seat on the table of negotiation for two times with the old state, respecting the wishes and initiatives of finding peaceful solution of the civil war in the country by the political and non political parties, organisations and institutions within and outside of the country. In the latest negotiation table, our Party put forward an universal democratic method of letting the sovereign people choose their future themselves – the demand of the election of the constitutional assembly. But the chieftains of the old feudal state that has already lost ground and people’s confidence staged Doramba massacre in the very time of while negotiation was going on intensifying the killing and terror, contrary to agree on giving right to the people to determine themselves. The events have proved that the old state neither believes on people not wants peaceful solution of the civil war. It only want to impose military dictatorship over the Nepalese people backed by imperialist military and financial assistance. In that context, there have remained no other options before the Nepalese people except to resist against the military dictatorship of the autocratic feudal elements.

Now, again, amid the advancement of the civil war, having respected the appeals and wishes of the different human right organisations and institutions as well as pro-people political forces, our party has clarified our stand that we are ready to sit for negotiation on the mediation of United Nation (UN). But, the old feudal state that has been conspiring to confuse the international community has been leading further moves of persisting military dictatorship by propagating the so-called general election, contrary to agree to solve the problems through such meditations. Hence, the chieftains of the old feudal state are going to Geneva taking a scrap of paper of the commitment to the human-right after the continuous pressure fell over them by different international human right organisations and institutions. We want to draw attention of the true human-right activists and democratic forces that the so-called commitment is nothing but a conspiracy to veil up the middle-aged atrocities conducted by the old state.

We appeal to the international human right organisation and institutions including the United Nations of Organisations to take concrete initiatives to understand the ground reality of Nepal. We express our commitment for necessary assistance for that direction. If only formal speeches of the representatives of the old state are regarded without directly monitoring the atrocities happening in the villages of the countries, that will be a severe insulting against the Nepalese people and of the human right itself. Our Party has been expressing its commitment not only on the Geneva Convention in relation to the war but also on the international declarations in relation to the human rights. And at the present concrete condition, we want to clarify that if there is a concrete proposal for us through the international human right convention, our approach will be positive on that.

16 March 2004

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

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