2003-02-13 - press release - CPN-M२०५९-११-०१ - प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-18772 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-18772

Appeal of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Issued on the Occasion of the Great Seventh Anniversary

Respected masses,

The historic People’s War initiated under the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), the glorious vanguard of the Nepalese proletariat, with the great objective of liberating the oppressed classes, nation, regions and gender by radically changing, semi–feudal and semi–colonial Nepalese society, after completing its seventh year on 13 February, has stepped into its eighth year. In an ordinary situation, a seven-year span is seen as a short one from the point of view of history. But from the point of view of mass rebellion, dedication and sacrifice against the feudal power based on the alliance of feudalism and imperialism, the period of seven years, compressed with thunderstorms, has already become an unforgettable event in the hundreds of years of the history of Nepal. The great People’s War initiated seven years earlier has developed to the stage of strategic equilibrium, presenting unprecedented examples of valour, gallantry, ingenious war skills and sacrifice against the military forces of feudalism and imperialism today. The great People’s Liberation Army has demonstrated its military superiority and invincibility within the past 14 months by crushing the arrogance of the reactionary forces. All the classes, nationalities, oppressed communities, Madhesi Community, People of Karnali & Seti-Mahakali, women masses covering half of the earth and sky and suffering the exploitation, repression, disgrace, discrimination and atrocity since hundreds of years, have intensified the process of exercising the right of their self-determination in all the rural areas of the country by assimilating People's War as the banner of liberation, freedom and self-pride. While expressing in a synthesised way, the seven-year-old People's War has attained a qualitative height, marveling the world in the process of building a new Nepal based on justice, equality and independence, to destroy the old Nepal that is sustained by exploitation, discrimination and injustice. The historical success gained in the process of formation of new Nepal came from the development of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and Prachanda Path in the ideological synthesis of the Party, the development of Great People's Liberation with the formation of brigade levels in the military field, the United Revolutionary People's Council oriented to the central power and the development of new People's power taking place in rural areas countrywide, and the exercise and development of class and national, regional autonomy.

Dear masses!

In the meantime, all of us have felt that these historical successes have been achieved at the cost of the blood of thousands of the best sons and daughters of Nepalese People, mutilation and disabling, wailing of brutal rape of thousands of sisters, oppression and torture faced by the thousands of sons and daughters in the dungeons of feudal power and the swallowed tears, indescribable sorrows, pain, torture endured by millions. On this historic occasion of the anniversary of the great People's War, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) offers its tribute with its revolutionary salute to nearly 5,500 best sons and daughters including Com. Suresh Wagle, Com. Ram Brikshya Yadav, Com. Rit Bahadur Khadka who sacrificed their lives, the ultimate and supreme resource one has, and vows to fight until the end so as to materialise the dream of those great immortal martyrs. Similarly, on this historic occasion, the Party extends its revolutionary greetings to the wounded and mutilated, those facing torture in the dungeons of the enemy, and all the warriors and People's masses facing the terror and atrocity unleashed by the enemy in villages, hamlets, and towns everywhere. On this historic occasion our Party expresses its indebtedness and revolutionary greetings to RIM which our Party also is a member, including the revolutionaries of the whole world who from the inception helped the Nepalese People's War with the lofty ideas of proletarian internationalism.

Respected masses of the People!

As everyone knows, a few days ago a cease-fire was declared between the old power and the New People's Power. This cease-fire has taken place amid the clash of two ideologies, two armies and two regimes at a time when the great People’s War had reached the stage of strategic equilibrium and was preparing a counter-offensive. Our Party defines this cease-fire as an expression of this strategic equilibrium in the context of the international balance of power today. We, too, have declared a cease-fire after a conducive environment was created by the old state power withdrawing its allegations against our Party and movement together with its spell of cease-fire. Certainly, the front of peace talks, in the sense of being a genuine expression of strategic equilibrium, is another front of war in a different form. In a real sense, we communists would be highly delighted if the masses were empowered without violence and won their rights through dialogue. The proletariat and toiling masses were never the ones to initiate violence. The need to resist the violence unleashed against the masses by the reactionary ruling class moves the revolution forward. It is impossible to cease this resistance unless the masses are liberated from exploitation and atrocities. However, our Party has taken the current dialogue process most seriously. We, on our behalf, shall strive with full seriousness and responsibility to solve the problems of the nation and the people, democracy for the people and the livelihood of the people, at the negotiating table. We shall hold a dialogue in favour of the basic interest of the country and the masses, exercising vigilance and caution to any kind of conspiracies by the reactionary old state, international imperialists and expansionists. But a positive solution is hardly possible at the negotiating table without the active participation of the masses, the makers of history. Hence, our Party heartily appeals to make this dialogue not only one between our Party and the old regime, but also involve all political parties, intellectuals and the broad general masses in order to make it successful for the cause of the country and people. Without the active participation of the people, it will be difficult to get significant results from this dialogue.

In this context, we want to make it clear to the broad masses that we will not make any compromises that go against the basic interests of the country and the people. In case of fraudulence, conspiracy and deception against the basic interests and forces of the People’s War, we will move ahead in the decisive war by breaking the cease-fire at any point. But from our side, we shall endeavour to the maximum to advance political settlement through peaceful dialogue. Again, we want to reiterate that a progressive solution from the dialogue with the old regime is impossible without the active initiative and participation of all pro-people political forces and mainly of the masses.

At present, Nepal is passing through the most critical and transitional situation of its political history. Now, without making qualitative changes in the economic, political and cultural structure, the country cannot move forward. In the context of this situation, various centers of reactionary forces have been escalating their move and intervention against Nepal and the Nepalese people. In this condition, the people’s democratic solution has become imperative even to strengthen the national unity of the country.

Let's unite to change the dialogue process into that of building a progressive Nepal that unites the entire country.

Long Live the Seventh Anniversary of the great People’s War!


Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
Central Committee

February 13, 2003