2002-03-27 - press release - CPN-M२०५८-१२-१४ - प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-18735 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-18735

Chairman Prachanda’s Statement on Current Political Situation

Chairman Pranchanda has issued a press statement dealing with various current issues. The text of the statement issued on March 27, 2002, is as follows:

It is well known that our Party has publicly stated two weeks back about our willingness to come to the table of negotiations along with a cease-fire if a conducive environment is made for a positive political solution to the current problems faced by the country. Conscious of grave responsibility towards the country and people, the Party had appealed to all political forces, intellectuals and the general masses to create such a favourable climate.

Our Party has highly appreciated the initiative taken by all democratic forces, intellectual personalities and the general masses to create such a conducive environment after accepting our appeal in a very positive light. However, the palace murderer Gyanendra clique and its vile lackey Sher Bahadur Deuba, who have been waging the royal military terror against the country and the people in favour of the feudal autocracy, have replied to our appeal with a more vicious massacre and terror. This criminal gang has become all the more outrageous and is running to Delhi, London and Washington to hand over the country to foreigners.

Having been soundly thrashed in every real encounter with the Maoist fighters, the hired asses of Gyanendra that go by the name of royal army have been massacring unarmed Nepalese masses in dozens everyday. The genocide of innocent airport workers in Achham and local political workers and the masses gathered for a cultural show in Gumchal of Rolpa, reveals the extent of cruelty, timidity and brutality of the military terror of Gyanendra clique. In the past two weeks this criminal gang has shamelessly attacked journalists, human right activists and intellectual personalities who have been impartially working for peace. The audacious attempt to kidnap and disappear Shyam Shrestha, Dr. Mahesh Maskey and Pramod Kafle has amply proved that no Nepali using his independent conscience in the country is safe from the military terror of murderous Gyanendra gang. Today, the Gyanendra regime has surpassed Nadir Shah’s atrocities in ruthlessly murdering the unarmed political activists in its custody and passing it as encounter death. Murder of hundreds of political activists, including Ajab Lal Yadav, a responsible comrade of our Party and a popular mass leader of the Madhesi community, (and included are the cadres of parliamentary political groups as well), has exposed the medieval barbarity of the Gyanendra regime.

In this context it is clear that there is no alternative other than to resist the regime of Gyanendra and his mercenaries by the whole country in unison. Our assertion that only an interim government, constituent assembly and institutionalisation of the republic can guarantee the liberation, peace and progress of Nepal and the Nepalese people, has been all the more verified by the subsequent events. For this, all the political parties both inside and outside the parliament, organisations, intellectual personalities and the general masses have to rise in unison. Without destroying feudalist fascist’s military dictatorship, the very thought of imagining peace and progress in Nepal or to talk of any name or form of freedom will be nothing other than cheating oneself. Feudal fascist military terrorist’s zenith,(or the zenith of feudal fascist military terrorism) and the sense of sacrifice, devotion, bravery and martyrdom displayed by the Nepalese people against it; even while watching this it is a matter of pity that certain political forces are trying to compromise again with the palace murderers through the so called constitution reforms. Constitutional reform is not the solution to today’s problem faced by Nepalese society, it is historically necessary to understand this correctly.

In this context, we want to clarify once again that we are committed to guarantee party freedom in the new state-power to be constructed after the destruction of feudal autocracy. The state envisased by us will not be an one-party dictatorship. The freedom to operate political parties according to ones’ ideological convictions and contest elections will be guaranteed. There only the activities of such elements upholding feudalism and inviting foreign domination will be curbed. We are committed to establish and develop a people’s democratic system of the twenty-first century. Such a democratic system won't be a mechanical imitation of the traditional kind but will be guided by the people’s needs of the twenty-first century.

To undertake that great achievement we do not see any reason why it should be a problem to all other political forces other than feudalist murderer Gyanendra clique and its henchmen to unite under the slogan of interim government, constitutional assembly and institutionalisation of republic state. The great Nepalese people have risen against the feudalist fascism. Throwing cold water over people’s rebellion will be a great historical blunder. Hence we heartfully appeal to all progressive forces and all the masses to make a new Nepal by creating hurricane resistance against feudalist murderer Gyanendra force and its henchmen who have unleashed all the more fascist terror even when a peaceful political solution was sought. After having passed through the zenith of 046 year of people’s resistance, let us turn the declaration of five days Nepal Bandh into a struggle to end Gyanendra Shahi’s feudalist military terror, there is no other alternative for the Nepalese people other than this.

It is not our aim to create obstruction in the conduction of SLC examination for youth students in this very period. But, we heartfully appeal to all youth students to put up a pressure on the administration to postpone the examination by few weeks by realising the historic necessity of struggle against the feudalist military terror which is destroying the whole country, its people and their future. The history is demanding special sacrifice from all of us for the liberation of our country and its people. We have faith that instead of giving examination amidst hearing of heart-rendering news of daily killings of our own father mother, brothers, sisters, it will be better to give examination after the solution of the country’s problem and that in such a movement the youth students will happily take initiative.

Date: 27 March, 2002