1999-02-13 - press release - CPN-M२०५५-११-०१ - प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-18654 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-18654



In keeping with the inevitable law of war, confronting a dreadful and strong counter-revolution, through gain and losses, advance and retreat, ups and downs, the great process of the People's War that is advancing in building People's Democratic Nepal, has completed three years and entered the fourth year on this 13th of February. Creating unprecedented waves and enthusiasm in the process of the revolutionary transformation of Nepalese society, the People's War is also achieving a new and qualitative height in its military strength. People's War has established its development and expansion by confronting innumerable encirclement of conspiracy, slander, horrifying genocide and state terror of the reactionaries and revisionists at home and abroad. More than 500 of the best sons and daughters of the Nepalese people have sacrificed their lives at the altar of revolution for completing the three strategic plans and in order to develop the People's War to this height of fourth strategic plan advancing along the path of building base areas by delivering blows one after the other against the national betrayer and genocidal old reactionary state working in the interest of feudalism and imperialism. On this historical occasion of advancing into the fourth year, our Party offers a red solute with pride and honour to those immortal martyrs who by their saga of dedication, courage, bravery and sacrifice have played a decisive role in transforming the spark of People's War into a prairie fire against the enemy and vows to fight under all conditions to realise their dreams. On this historic occasion our Party offers revolutionary greetings to all Party members, fighters and masses of People who have heroically been confronting the enemy's jail, shackles and severe torture. Our Party expresses its gratitude and militant solidarity to the political forces or personalities, humanitarian organisations and institutions, journalists, intellectuals, writers, artists, lawyers and all leftists, progressive, patriotic and democratic forces of the country who have been raising voices against state terror of the reactionary state. We congratulate the Committee of the Revolutionary International Movement, the fraternal Parties and organistions within the RIM, the revolutionary Parties and organisations and revolutionary masses in India and the world over who have displayed the great ideals of proletarian internationalism whole-heartedly by helping the People's War morally and materially and we firmly reiterated our commitment to advance on the path of fulfilling our obligations as a contingent of the proletarian army.

The experiences of the history of class struggle and the science of social revolution has clarified that when the exploited and oppressed masses of the people hoist the revolutionary flag against exploitation and atrocities in order to build their fortune by themselves, then the exploiting ruling classes resort to state of terror and brutal killings, throwing their own 'democracy', 'constitutional state' and 'human rights' into the rubbish bin. The history of Nepal on the last three years has proved this scientific truth. The proclamations of 'parliamentary democracy', 'constitutional state' and 'human rights' have been converted into the mass-genocidal campaign of arresting and shooting down the starving people on the pretext of encounters. The real nature is manifested in the frantic dance of torturing, looting and burning the shelters of thousands and lakhs of poor peasants, displayed in a series of brutal atrocities and gang rapes of labouring women, expressed in rampant arrests and opposing revolutionary conviction with torture by sword. The real nature is exhibited in despotic intervention against people's peaceful conventions, seminars, conferences in the capital itself, and have appeared in fascist boots against press and freedom of expression. This is the real essence of the reactionary state that is being manifested day by day in the Nepalese society, and this is also the living proof of the fact that the parliament and the parliamentary system have degenerated into a stupid and retrogressive system in the present epoch.

It is the reality of Nepalese society that not only the Nepalese masses have rejected the reactionary state that is based on exploitation, oppression and pillage of the masses of the people for thousand years, but they have taken initiative to build their own state power by means of the People's War. This great initiative of the masses of the people has tolled the death knell of the reactionary looters in their 'heaven'. Thus, the democracy of the feudal and imperialist looters is being manifested in the great historic process of People's War. The reactionary ruling class that has been loosing its senses because of the heights attained by People's War by the blood of hundreds of the martyrs is committing bigger crimes and stupidities one after another, against the country and the people. History is the witness, this kind of crimes and stupidity of the reactionary classes will do nothing but rapidly dig their own graves.

The reactionary political cliques that are the manipulators of economic, political and cultural crisis and all-round perversion and degeneracy have the imprudence to project the parliamentary 'election' and 'government of majority' as 'a magic sword'. This propaganda of the reactionaries itself is their stupidity and slander against the great Nepalese people. It is not the question of a minority government, the Nepalese people have also experienced majority government of the Nepali Congress. Is it not the majority Girija government which committed national betrayal at Tanakpur and killed dozens of people including a child Anish Shakya by opening a volley of fire in the capital? Is it not the majority Girija government that led a nation-wide campaign of rampant arrest and torture against masses of people for their different political beliefs? Hasn't this government come into saddle through elections? This is only evidence of how shamelessly the genocidal and national betrayers slander the memory of the people. How absurd! Girija Prasad Koirala is exposed as a national betrayer, genocidal and corrupt as well as the chieftain of political perversion and degeneracy, himself is shamelessly carrying out that kind of stupid propaganda. Beware Nepalese people! The feudal and expansionist elements are plotting a more dreadful conspiracy in the name of election against the country and the people. This so-called parliamentary election is not against perversion and degeneracy: but is directed against the People's War and the people's revolutionary initiative powerfully advancing to eliminate this perversion and degeneracy.

To doubt the fact the government is formed under the direct guidance of Indian expansionism through the alliance of its obedient puppets-Nepali Congress, UML and Nepal Goodwill Party-by breaking down even the common parliamentary norms and to doubt that the task of this government is anything other than but to serve its lord by committing more national betrayal, genocide, looting and corruption is to deceive oneself. Has a cat ever guarded the milk? We have to be vigilant since the so-called process of forming an elected government and the consequent series of incidents i.e., the role played by the Nepali Congress and renegade UML leadership clique, are giving indications that the election results have already been settled. The renegade UML leadership clique has capitulated to Indian expansionism as well as to the genocidal Girija clique. Complete intrigues of injustice, conspiracy, goon activities, killings and terrors have already been plotted. The conspiracy of taking turns running the government between the Nepali Congress and UML and making the parliament a platform for sharing the pillage, corruption, national betrayal and genocide between these two cliques has already commenced, in this context, anyone who has self-respect and who keeps in mind the starving people, will realise the so-called parliamentary reform and the parliamentary election will only serve directly or indirectly the genocidal and the national betrayers. The parliamentary election in Nepal will give nothing except more national betrayal, more corruption, more public-killing, more perversion and more degeneracy.

The elements that seriously betrayed the development of the Nepalese revolution have degenerated to the revisionist renegade cliques who cite the name of Marx to worship parliamentarism. No amount of hatred is sufficient against revisionism that helps the national betrayal and genocide of the reactionary classes by spilling venom day and night against the revolution, the revolutionary Party and the revolutionary masses of the people. It is a prime characteristic of modern revisionism to serve reaction by making propaganda of collaborationist character, which is full of cowardice and capitulationism, by eclectically covering it with lifeless formulas from Marxism. Today, some liquidationist 'intellectual priests' who flee class struggle with their melodious and confusing words are playing trumpets of necessity of forming a Party free from class struggle. The task of these 'intellectual priests' who have fled miles away from the historical materialist truth that 'a revolution is not a dinner Party, it cannot be so refined and magnanimous' and have ran away from the storm of class struggle taking place in front of them, have, by slandering the great revolutionary initiative of the people, been reiterating the slogan of the renegades in history Kautsky and Trotsky, that 'taking up arms was wrong'. Revisionist cliques have been more ruinous today in creating confusion among the people in favour of the parliamentary system which is completely nude. Today we have to grasp firmly Lenin's saying that without extending the struggle against opportunism, no revolutionary movement can develop in the present epoch. The invincible theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism has been developed through the life and death struggle against revisionism and the development of the Nepalese revolution cannot be an exception.

Today Nepalese society is passing through a serious birth pangs of transitional period. The old system is striving to make the country completely a slave of imperialism and expansionism by shattering all the economic. social and political sectors: whereas the Nepalese people, by means of People's War and different forms of mass struggle, are adhering in to the great and painstaking task of establishing the foundation of independent and self-reliant economy, to exercise the people's democratic power from the grass-roots, to develop people's culture and social relations, to eliminate all sorts of class national and regional exploitation. In this historical period of destruction of the old and construction of the new, there is no other obligation higher than to advance in the united struggle in order to build a New Nepal with a sacrificing spirit by shattering all sorts of illusions and by achieving victory against cowardly and capitulationist ideas. For that, our Party appeals to all the leftists, progressives, patriotic and democratic forces as well as all the masses of the country, on the historical occasion of the Third Anniversary to help the great process of People's War by all means, for building an alternative revolutionary government from the grass roots, and to develop a revolutionary united struggle centrally through boycotting the so-called parliamentary election of the genocidal and national betrayers.

Long Live--People's War !
Down with--Parliamentarism !

- Prachanda
General Secretary
Central Office
Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
13 Feb. 1999