1998-02-13 - press release - CPN-M२०५४-११-०१ - प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-18644 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-18644



This press communique is released according to the decision of the meeting of the Central Military Commission, as directed by the Party centre, to make itself public on the historic occasion of the second anniversary of the initiation of the People's War.

1. In a class-divided society, everything is an illusion except state power. The principal organ of the class-related state is the army. The people without an army have nothing of their own. The proletarian revolutionaries fight for the state power and army formation of the proletarian class and the labouring masses, so that ultimately an environment may be created for weathering away of the class, state, army and all forms of wars from human society. This great and scientific conclusion of dialectical and historical materialism has provided the concept of proletarian war, army and state a fundamentally different meaning, definition and foundation than to those of the reactionary exploiter classes, from history to the present.

2. On the basis of above scientific principles the great process of the People's War is marching forward for the past two years to forcibly destroy the rotten state of the reactionary classes leading the country and the people towards a terrible abyss, and to establish a New Democratic state of the people. In essence, this great process of the People's War is the historical process of the formation of the people's army for a democratic state. Under the leadership of the political representative of the proletariat, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), and according to the basic policy of the people's army as the principal form of organisation and People's War as the principal form of struggle, this process of formation of the army as a detachment of the international proletarian army is proceeding in a high speed.

3. The development of the people's army forces is taking place in three ways and forms of arming the general masses, preparing a broad and extensive network of the people's militia and principally, building a regular people's army. Today, in the country, people's sons and daughters have enrolled themselves in hundreds of regular people's army squads and are fulfilling their historical responsibility through conscious discipline and sacrifice. This process of formation is now heading towards platoon formation. Similarly, thousands of sons and daughters of the masses are organised under people's militia and devoted to the daily service of the people. The process of arming the general masses is taking place through extensive armed mass actions and through volunteering. As the principal achievements of the People's War during the past two years, today guerrilla actions are taking place all over the country and specific strategic zones are getting transformed into guerrilla zones. People's armed forces are enhancing their war capabilities relying on the principles of self-reliance, mass line and learning war through war. Representation of the army in the state power is ensured by making them participate in the process of creation of the local democratic state power.

4. On this historic occasion of the second anniversary of the People's War and its own first public announcement, the Central Military Commission takes pride in the guerrilla fighters who have laid the foundation of the great people's army through their blood, including guerrilla commander martyrs Com. Tirtha Gautam and Com. Vija Ghale (Daulat Ram Gharti) and all the martyrs of the People's War extends red salute and heartfelt homage to them and pledges to fight till the end along the path shown by them. Together with this it offers revolutionary greetings to all the revolutionary fighters who have ignited the flames of the People's War despite facing the enemy's jails, torture and other physical hardships, and to the masses of different strata of people both inside and outside the country who have assisted in this.

5. Today the people's enemies inside and outside the country are hatching greater conspiracies to snuff out this ever expanding process of the People's War and the formation of the people's army. Apart from the psychological pressure they are further intensifying the strategy of encirclement and suppression. The alignment of feudalism, imperialism and revisionism against the People's War is tightening more. The arson, murder and terror jointly perpetrated by the reactionary goons, police and army in the remote people's settlements is on the rise.

In this context the Central Military Commission issues special directives to all the fighters to uphold more firmly the Party-formulated military strategy and tactics, to further deepen and consolidate their relationship with the masses, to further refine their role as producers, organisers and propagandists, to follow firmly in their daily practice the rules of discipline and the points of attention issued by the great military commander of the international proletarian army, Com. Mao Tse-tung, and to bear hardships proudly as red soldiers of the people under the leadership of the proletariat.

6. The enemy has meted out the treatment of the so-called terrorists to the great guerrilla fighters marching ahead with specific political goal, specific strategy and tactics of war, specific uniform and arms for the genuine liberation of the country and the people. The Central Military Commission cordially requests all the enlightened intellectuals, journalists, lawyers, human right activists and all the progressive, patriotic and democratic forces in the country to expose such conspiracies of the reactionary state and exert pressure for granting honorable treatment as a contending army to the people's guerrillas and as prisoners of war in accordance with the international Geneva Convention to the guerrillas in the enemy custody.

In the end, the Central Military Commission is confident of the increased affection and support from the masses of the people for their guerrilla sons and daughters. The path is tortuous but glorious; the people's victory is certain.

13 February 1998

In charge,
Central Military Commission Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)