Basic principles निर्देशक सिद्धान्त

Original source documents and other material relating to alleged human rights violations and abuses committed during the conflict should be preserved and archived for current and future use, including but not limited to use by post-conflict transitional justice mechanisms. The archive was conceived as a tool for:

The archive is a compilation of relevant source materials and does not engage in analysis or evaluation of the accuracy or veracity of these source materials, which are preserved verbatim, in their original languages. The design of the archive is based on the principle that any piece of information from any source – including documents circulated by the parties to the conflict – may ultimately be of use in recovering the truth about conflict-era incidents. This archive is not a final or definitive record of the facts of the conflict, but rather a preliminary collection of reports and other documents, reflecting claims and counter-claims made by multiple stakeholders, which is meant to serve as a resource for more systematic research and investigation.