2004-09-17 - incident - Banke district २०६१-०६-०१ - घटना - बाँके जिल्ला

Archive ref no: NCA-13832 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-13832

Alleged incident overview | घटेको भनिएको घटनाको समीक्षा

Information regarding alleged incident | घटेको भनिएको घटनासम्बन्धी जानकारी

  • 94. Prakash Tharu
  • Twenty-five-year-old Prakash Tharu, a tractor driver from Suryapatuwa VDC, Bardia district, was detained by RNA soldiers in Nepalgunj on September 17, 2004 (Ashoj 1, 2061), while he was entering a cinema with friends. He had gone to Nepalgunj to buy parts for his tractor. He called his family one week after the arrest, saying he was in detention and asking them to come to Nepalgunj to try to find him, but unable to specify where he was being kept.89
  • The "disappearance" was reported to the ICRC, NHRC, and local human rights organizations. As of this writing, the family has received no information on Tharu's whereabouts.

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