2003-11-22 - incident - Dang district २०६०-०८-०६ - घटना - दाङ जिल्ला

Archive ref no: NCA-10936 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-10936

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  • 65. Dhanbir Chowdhury
  • Twenty-eight-year-old Dhanbir Chowdhury had been a CPN-M activist, but had left the Maoists and returned to civilian life some three months before his arrest. On November 22, 2003 (Mangshir 6, 2060), he left his home in Karmatiya VDC, Dang district to shop in the district's headquarters, Ghorahi. He was arrested at about noon by Nepali security forces, while shopping in the Ghorahi market.
  • The family was too afraid to approach the authorities for information, but the case was reported to INSEC, who forwarded the information to the ICRC and NHRC. The family has received no information about his fate since the arrest.61

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