2003-10-18 - incident - Kaski district २०६०-०७-०१ - घटना - कास्की जिल्ला

Archive ref no: NCA-10374 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-10374

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  • 57. Raju Chettri
  • At about midnight on October 18, 2003 (Kartik 1, 2060), a group of fifty to sixty RNA soldiers, some of them in uniform and others in civilian dress, surrounded the home of thirty-one-year-old Raju Chettri (also known as Mekh Bahadur Chettri) in Pumdi Bhumdi VDC, Kaski district. Chettri tried to hide, but the army began beating his two brothers, threatening to kill them if Chettri didn't surrender, so he came out of the house and went with the soldiers.
  • The day after the arrest, Chettri's relatives went to the CDO's office, who confirmed that Chettri was in custody, but told the family not to worry, explaining it was "only for a small interrogation." The family reported the "disappearance" to Amnesty International, the ICRC, INSEC, and the Federation of Journalists, among others. They visited the Fulbari barracks, the Bijayapur barracks, and the Gairapatan Police Post, but everyone they spoke to denied any involvement in the arrest. However, two detainees released from the Fulbari barracks told the relatives that they had been kept together with Chettri, and smuggled a short, two-line letter out from Chettri around March 2004.
  • Chettri was a journalist for the pro-Maoist newspaper, Rastriya Shavhiman Weekly. The newspaper was later shut down by the government because of its pro-Maoist sympathies. When his relatives tried to visit him at Fulbari barracks, the soldiers refused them entry, saying that "a journalist who only writes about army killings is not a true journalist."54

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