2002-09-01 - incident - Bardiya district २०५९-०५-१६ - घटना - बर्दिया जिल्ला

Archive ref no: NCA-06819 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-06819

Alleged incident overview | घटेको भनिएको घटनाको समीक्षा

Information regarding alleged incident | घटेको भनिएको घटनासम्बन्धी जानकारी

  • 128. Lahanu Chowdhury
  • On the afternoon of September 1, 2002 (Bhadra 16, 2059), soldiers at the Rambhapur army checkpoint in Magragadi VDC stopped a bus and ordered the passengers to get out. They wrote down the passengers' names and checked their hands and shoulders for marks from holding weapons. From the bus, the soldiers detained seven men from Dangpur village in Motipur VDC, Bardia district: twenty-four-year-old Sher Bahadur Tharu, twenty-one-year-old Bhava Kumar Chowdhury, eighteen-year-old Buddi Ram Tharu, twenty-five-year-old Pati Ram Tharu, twenty-three-year-old Bhook Lal Chowdhury, twenty-three-year-old Lahanu Chowdhury, and another man from the village who was later released.124
  • The next day, Radio Nepal reported the arrest of "seven Maoists" from their village."125
  • All of the men were farmers, on their way to India for work after the cultivation season had ended in Nepal; the relatives of the men strongly deny that any of the men had links to CPN-M and say that they spent the majority of their time as laborers in India.
  • The seventh detainee was released after about a month in detention, and confirmed that he was held with the six "disappeared" men at the Chisapani army barracks in Nepalgunj. Three or four days after their arrival at the Chisapani army barracks, the released detainee was separated from the six "disappeared" detainees, and never saw them again.
  • The families reported the "disappearance" to INSEC, to other human rights organizations and to the ICRC. There has been no news about the fate of the six men.126

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