2002-02-22 - incident - Dang district २०५८-११-१० - घटना - दाङ जिल्ला

Archive ref no: NCA-03948 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-03948

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Information regarding alleged incident | घटेको भनिएको घटनासम्बन्धी जानकारी

  • 88. Gita Ghartimagar
  • On February 22, 2002 (Falgun 10, 2058), at around 2 p.m., a unified group of armed police and RNA soldiers arrested twenty-year-old student Gita Ghartimagar in Chandanpur, Gadawa VDC-9, where she went to work in the field. The group also arrested twenty-five-year-old Nanda Bahadur K.C. and the owner of the house they were staying in. They were taken to the Lamahi armed police barracks, from where the owner was released three days later.
  • Nanda Bahadur K.C. joined CPN-M after Maoists helped him get treatment for an illness in India. Maoists informed his family of his arrest. According to Ghartimagar's family, she was never involved with any political parties. She had been a student, but had left school two months before the arrest to help the family about the house.
  • About two months after the arrest, Ghartimagar wrote a letter saying she was in Tulsipur prison, and the family visited her there twice. The family of Nanda Bahadur K.C. also had no information about his whereabouts until May-June 2002 (Jestha 2059), when he sent a letter saying he was being held at Tulsipur prison. A relative went to meet him there and brought him some clothes and books.
  • Three months after the arrest and a few days after the relatives' last visit to the prison, a local newspaper Naya Yugbodh reported the release of twenty-one detainees, including Gita Ghartimagar and Nanda Bahadur K.C., but neither detainee returned home.
  • Officials at the Tulsipur prison told K.C.'s family that they had transferred the detainees to the district police headquarters, but the headquarters told the family they had no knowledge of the detainees. A year later, the prison authorities told the ICRC, which was inquiring on behalf of Ghartimagar's family, that they had handed Ghartimagar over to municipal authorities.
  • Ghartimagar's family believed the detainees were rearrested after release. The "disappearances" were reported to the ICRC and to various human rights organizations.85

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