2002-01-21 - document - AI२०५८-१०-०८ - दस्तवेज - एआई

Archive ref no: NCA-18721 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-18721

Document - Nepal: Further information on Fear of torture/incommunicado detention.

PUBLIC AI Index: ASA 31/012/2002

21 January 2002

Further information on UA 19/02 (ASA 31/009/2002, 18 January 2002) - Fear of torture/incommunicado detention

NEPAL Padam Prasad Baidik (m), age 36, lawyer

Sita Baidik (f), age 33, book seller

Amnesty International has been informed that Padam Prasad Baidik and his wife, Sita Baidik, were released on 18 January in the presence of the Mayor of Tulsipur Municipality, the representative of the Bar Association and local human rights activists.

No further action is requested from the network. Thank you to all those who sent appeals.