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Archive ref no: NCA-21004 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-21004

An Overview of Terrorist Activities in Nepal


Maoists announced a so called people's war in 1996 mid February with the extremist slogan " let us march ahead on the path of struggle towards establishing the people's rule by wreaking the reactionary ruling system of state" .

Earlier to that, Maoist terrorists had initiated a campaign called "SIJA Campaign" covering the area of Sisne Himal of Rukum district to the Jaljala peak of Rolpa district and had established base camp to strengthen the organisation by conducting training and various operational activities. During the 'SIJA campaign' also they committed crimes of killing and graviously attacking those who oppose them in their campaign.

In order to tackle this problem in the initial phase, many reformative and psychological measures were adopted by His Majesty's Government to bring them back on right track and make them participate in the social service activities. Despite these reformative measures they plunged into the terrorists activities by staging attacks against innocent people of that locality. Later an operation code name 'Romeo Operation' was designed with a view to correct, educate and make them aware of their constitutional rights and obligations, which didn't really help and rather the situation worsened as they spearheaded to more killings.