1999-04-30 - document - AI२०५६-०१-१७ - दस्तवेज - एआई

Archive ref no: NCA-18656 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-18656

Document - Nepal: Further information on Fear of "Disappearance" / torture: Bhanu Sharma

PUBLIC AI Index: ASA 31/07/99

30 April 1999

Further information on UA 17/99 (ASA 31/02/99, 26 January 1999) - Fear of "Disappearance"/Torture

NEPAL Bhanu Sharma, age 35

Amnesty International has been informed that Bhanu Sharma was released on 7 February 1999.

In a reply to Urgent Action appeal writers, the authorities stated that "he was not arrested by the police" and claimed that "he went underground voluntarily". They did, however, assert that he surrendered "to the District Administration Office, Dang, on 8 February 1999, after resigning from [the] Maoist Organization due to differences with Maoist activists". He is required to report to the Chief District Officer in Dang District once a month.

Bhanu Sharma, a member of two organizations that monitor human rights violations in Nepal, "disappeared" in November 1998 during police operations aimed at flushing out armed members of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).

No further action from the network is required Many thanks to all those who sent appeals.