1997-02-00 - document - CPN-M२०५३-१०-०० - दस्तवेज - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-18639 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-18639


To the Immortal Martyrs of the People's War

Death after life is an inevitable fact. After all one has to die some day. But, although death occurs to every body, all deaths are not of the same nature. Some deaths inspire the living people of the world and live for ever by showing pathway to liberation, while some deaths are even less Important than stinking worms. In class society those who die for the sake of majority of the people belonging to the oppressed labouring class, their deaths are marked with honour which live for ages, while those who work & die for the minority of the oppressing class their death becomes equally hateful and stinking. This is the difference between "death which is heavier than a mountain and the death which is lighter than a feather."

In the liberation struggle of the working class of Nepal, February 13, 1996, enjoys a special historical importance. Because from this very day the sons & daughters of the Nepalese people armed themselves with the scientific weapons of the ideology of Marxism - Leninism - Maoism decided to take history in their own hands and to determine their fate themselves by consciously fighting against the age old tyranny of the oppressing class. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) a new era of genuine democracy for the people has been heralded.

This great revolutionary initiative of the masses for the qualitative development of class struggle, has dealt a death blow to the power of the oppressing classes who have been murdering, looting and oppressing the masses. These oppressing robbers who were shattered by this event started launching massive attacks against the people, creating terror through torturing killing, looting & raping the people. They not only killed the sons & daughters of the masses while they were asleep in their hearth & homes but even raped the mothers and sisters of the killed victim thus exposing their brutal instincts rarely seen in human history. In the name of false encounters they tortured & killed the sons & daughters of the masses who were under their custody. They looted the grains of the poor, famished peasants and burnt their houses to ashes. Thousands of them were detained Inside the dungeons & tortured. Thus the so called "democracy", "human rights" and "rule of law" have became thoroughly exposed before the eyes of everybody. The great sons & daughters of the masses faced the cruel onslaughts of the ruling oppressor class by setting examples of exemplary sacrifices. By taking physical deaths caused during the struggle against the oppressor classes as a the beginning of a real life, these proletarian fighters have stood in the line of fire in order to defend and develop this great initiation of the people. Even before the completion of a year since the initiation of the historic people's war the number of those immortal martyrs who have nurtured the war with their blood has reached around hundred. Today the phenomenon of people's war nurtured by the blood of these sons & daughters of the masses has been flourishing with greater fervour among the people. The message of these immortal martyrs is today awakening millions of people both within & outside the country.

Our Party Central Committee has paid solemn homage with pride to those immortal martyrs of the people's war and pledged to fight till the end to materialise their dreams. We along with the people pledge to take revenge those butchers who have brutally killed the great sons & daughters of the people. Sooner or later we will score the revenge and the process is already on. In the people's history those who have got martyred for the cause of the people, their blood have never been wasted, nor will they ever be.

Everywhere and at all times the reactionary classes have attempted to stop the great revolutionary movement of the people by taking recourse to the of the people. However, history has time & again proved that they will be digging their own graves through such acts. Nepal will be no exception to that. There is no doubt that death knell is tolling for these reactionary ruling classes who want to stick to power by selling the sovereignty of the nation & killing their own people.

On the occasion of the completion of one year of the historical initiation I, on behalf of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), offer revolutionary salute to the immortal martyrs of the people's war and pay respectful homage to them. I would like to reassert the pledge of our Party that we will fight to take people's war to the ultimate victory to realise New Democratic republic. On this historical occasion I want to again pay heartfelt respect to those parents who gave birth to these proletarian martyrs and pay my condolence to the bereaved family members. I request all the people to transform grief into pride & power and to take the struggle against this genocidal state to a higher level till the victory is achieved. It is only in this way that the real respect & condolence can be expressed to those who have been martyred.


General Secretary, Central Committee Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)