1997-02-00 - document - CPN-M२०५३-१०-०० - दस्तवेज - नेकपा-मा

Archive ref no: NCA-18634 अभिलेखालय सि. नं.: NCA-18634

Celebrations of First Anniversary of People's War

The first anniversary of historic initiation of the people's war in Nepal was celebrated with profound revolutionary zeal and gusto on February 12, 1997, all over the country with various activities of guerrilla actions, sabotage and propaganda.

In Rukum, in Western Nepal, the house of State Minister of Industry, Gopalji Jung Shah, the main person responsible for indiscriminate killing of Maoist revolutionaries in Rukum was bombed. On the same day the main gate of Rukum district headquarter of the Govt. was also bombed. Pamphlets warning the police not to participate in repression & torture of the people were distributed.

In the heart of Kathmandu valley, the house of inspector of police, Jeet Bahadur Basnet, was bombed to warn him for his role in repressing Maoist revolutionaries in Rolpa, particularly the killing of a dozen villagers in Mirul village alone.

In Janakpur, in Eastern Nepal, the main gate of the office of Senior of Police was bombed to warn against sending policemen to villages to raid them. In Salyan and Pyuthan, both in Western part of Nepal bombs exploded in different places. The bus park was blasted with time bomb in Salyan and the Agriculture Development Bank situated between Khalanga Royal Army barrack and district police office was bombed in Pyuthan. In Gorkha, central Nepal, a distillery owned by a comprador bourgeois was blasted. In Nuwakot, the house belonging to Sumna Shah working in CID department was bombed to warn him against his espionage activities & his roles in charging people under false cases.

In Chitwan, the Maoist guerrillas captured small Farmers Development Bank located in Korang Swamitar. Similarly in Sindhuli (Eastern Nepal) Small Farmer's Development Bank was captured. Shouting, 'Down with Agriculture Development Bank which robs the farmers', they destroyed debt bonds. Massive propaganda works from Mechi (Eastern most Nepal) to Mahakali (Westernmost Nepal) were carried with messages such as, "March ahead with people's war", "Take revenge against the murderers" etc. and cultural programmes, corner meetings were also conducted.

In Rolpa, Jajarkot, along with sabotage activities, new programmes of cooperative farming, construction & developmental works also took place. Throughout the country souvenirs bearing the names of martyrs were distributed and the family members of the martyrs were given gifts.

National media gave prominent coverage to the anniversary celebrations and articles and interviews by the leaders of CPN (Maoist).